Technical Details



  • Features Amazon Alexa Voice Service technology
  • Request music from a selection of online services
  • Control selected and network-connected smart thermostats, smart lighting devices, and other smart devices that work with Alexa by voice
  • Synchronize multi-room playback of supported music services on DTS Play-Fi®-ready audio products using Onkyo Music Control App (please check device and OS compatibility at App Store or Google Play)
  • Excellent sound quality crafted by expert  audio technicians
  • Wide-dispersion sound-field fills your room
  • Twin powered woofers with DSP  switching amplifiers
  • Passive radiator woofers for deep, taut bass
  • 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi® 
  • 3.5 mm AUX audio input for media player connection
  • Analog line-variable output
  • Topside buttons for one-touch playback
  • Compact, sleek, and stylish design

Ask for help with almost anything 

Alexa helps out with info you need on the fly—all you have to do is ask. Alexa skills can read you out the latest news headlines, provide weather and traffic updates, set timers or reminders, read an audiobook, play relaxing sounds for sleep, and even order a pizza. A vast library of skills allows you to create an Alexa experience that suits you.

Enjoy music on demand

Listen to your favorite songs and sounds simply by asking. Alexa can play almost any tracks you can think of via a selection of supported audio streaming services anytime you’re in the mood. An advanced microphone can detect your voice in background noise even when you’re across the room.
Note: Additional services that work with Alexa will be announced.

Voice-controlled home automation 

Control compatible network-connected smart devices that work with Amazon Alexa by voice. Wide support for selected smart devices from Philips Hue, WeMo, Samsung SmartThings, ecobee, Nest, and others allows you to control lighting or adjust room temperature when the appropriate device is connected.

Presets for easy one-touch listening

Smart Speaker P3 features four tactile button presets on the top of the speaker for easy one-touch playback of your favorite streaming services. With Smart Speaker P3, you can start listening right away, however you play it.

DTS Play-Fi® takes music multi-room

DTS Play-Fi allows you to enjoy high-quality music from online services including Amazon Music®, as well as networked media servers and your device library, over Wi-Fi® to any number of compatible products using the Onkyo Music Control App for iPad, iPhone, and Android™ phones/tablets. DTS Play-Fi automatically synchronizes the music in every room throughout your house. Each member of your family can use their smartphone or tablet to listen to their own music in their own room or groups of rooms in your home. You can set up a group of rooms using the Onkyo Music Control App, play your favorite music, and have it streamed to all rooms in that group.

Dual-band Wi-Fi for stability

Built-in Wi-Fi automatically selects the 5 GHz band to avoid network traffic congestion and radio interference. The result is a fast and secure connection for streaming audio, even where range boosters are used.

Sounds sweeter, smoother, better

It’d be a shame to waste so much music on a thin-sounding speaker. Instead, energize albums with two powered 63.5 mm woofers and dual passive radiators. This helps control and enhance deep bass notes. Driven by separate amplifiers, the speakers spread rich and detailed sound evenly around your room. DSP tunes for best immersion at low or high volume.

Auxiliary input for media players

Plug in your phone, personal audio device, or portable CD player into the AUX input to add more music. A line output is also included, and there are buttons on the top panel for convenient playback.

Saves energy

Original switching amplification achieves high power for big sound while creating virtually no heat. Thermal efficiency means less energy wasted during playback. The speaker sips power on network standby.

Current Product: VC-PX30

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