Technical Details



  • Twin ESS SABRE® ES9018C2M DACs and SABRE® ES9601K amplifiers
  • Fully balanced L/R circuit layout and separate audio and processing boards
  • Customized high-current, high-capacity conductive polymer chip capacitors
  • Rigid one-piece machined aluminum chassis and triple-thickness battery case
  • Reinforced anti-resonant volume mechanism and headphone output assembly
  • Supports native DSD 5.6 MHz/2.8 MHz playback, MQA, and 192 kHz/32-bit FLAC/WAV Hi-Res Audio formats
  • BTL (Bridge-Tied Load) and ACG (Active Control Ground) balanced playback
  • 32-bit DSP and two dedicated clocks for 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz signals
  • 192 kHz/32-bit upsampling function for standard audio sources
  • 3-stage gain (Low/Normal/High) to suit 16–600-ohm headphones
  • 10-band equalizer with 6 factory presets and 3 user presets
  • Three selectable digital filters (Sharp/Short/Slow)
  • 7-Step Lock Range Adjustment (Wide/Normal/Narrow)


  • 528 GB storage: 16 GB (Internal) and 2 x 256 GB microSD Card slots*1
  • Built-in 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi®
  • Built-in Deezer HiFi*2 and TIDAL*2 lossless album streaming services and TuneIn*2 internet radio
  • Direct Hi-Res Audio downloads via Onkyo Music*3 without a PC
  • Bluetooth® technology*4 connects supported stereos and headphones
  • 3.5 mm (1/8˝) headphone/AUX/line-level output
  • 2.5 mm (3/32˝) balanced audio headphone output
  • USB/OTG terminal for recharging, audio transfer, and digital audio output*3 to supported components


  • Bright 2.4-inch 320 x 240-pixel touchscreen
  • Customizable home-screen tiles for fast and easy GUI navigation
  • Scroll bars and Index Display for fast navigation of large music libraries
  • External volume wheel and playback buttons  (HOLD, Play/Pause, Skip/Scan)
  • Supports Onkyo DapController*5 for iPad, iPhone, and Android™
  • Luxury high-texture hairline back-panel finish
  • Up to 15 hours*6 play-time via internal rechargeable battery
  • Onkyo X-DAP Link*7 software for Windows®

*1 Note: microSD cards not included. Compatibility with all devices cannot be guaranteed. *2 May require a subscription. Services are subject to regional availability. *3 Enabled with a firmware update. *4 Profile: A2DP/AVRCP, codec: SBC.  *5 Devices require LE (Low Energy) support. Please confirm device compatibility  with application at App Store or Google Play. *6 Playback at 32 ohms with  96 kHz/24-bit FLAC file. *7 Available free via Onkyo website. Please check compatibility with your OS before operation.

Twin SABRE® DACs and Amplifiers 

A fully balanced circuit structure employs two proven SABRE ES9018C2M DACs for the D/A conversion stage and two SABRE ESS9601K amplifiers to smoothly transmit audio signals from the DAC. This audiophile-spec design achieves clear and spatially immersive reproduction with excellent S/N performance, getting best performance from any set of headphones.

Dedicated High-Precision Clocks 

Clocking devices synchronize data timing. The PD-S10 has two: one for detection of 44.1 kHz signals, scaling to 176.4 kHz, and the second to handle 48 kHz signals upsampling to 192 kHz. The 44.1 kHz clock enables  native playback of audio sourced from CD with highest possible fidelity. 

Isolated Audio Boards 

Audio circuits and digital processing system are on separate boards, while power supply and battery are heavily shielded. This premium design limits interference on the signal, with top-shelf parts helping to minimize intrusion of high-frequency interference from wireless transmission technologies. 

One-Piece Aluminum Chassis

Separate audio boards and extra-thick battery case are secured in a solid one-piece aluminum chassis machined to tolerances on the micro scale. The robust and highly rigid structure wipes out vibrations that cause interference for pristine high-fidelity sound from player to headphones.

High-Current Capacitors, Rigid Structure, and Customized Parts 

Hand-picked components of the finest quality are used to assure class-beating sound quality, including custom high-capacity conductive polymer chip capacitors that work to double current flow compared to the legacy model, resulting in excellent power stability and a noticeable improvement in low-end response and high-frequency articulation. A triple-thickness battery shield limits interference from vibration. Reinforcement around the headphone jack and volume-control shaft have reduced resonance and enhanced a precision feel.

Universal Hi-Res Audio Playback 

Unlock the breathtaking scale and clarity of Hi-Res Audio. The PD-S10 supports MQA (a streaming-optimized container), native DSD 5.6/2.8 MHz playback, and FLAC/WAV files to 192 kHz/32-bit resolution. You can download Hi-Res Audio direct from Onkyo Music*. Audiophile build and technologies such as 192 kHz/32-bit upsampling work magic on compressed and uncompressed streaming or locally stored music.  

* Requires a firmware update.

Supports Balanced Audio Playback

A 2.5 mm (3/32˝) 4-pole connection for balanced headphones joins a standard headphone output. Balanced audio enables the signals for L/R channels to be decoded and amplified separately by fully balanced circuitry. BTL (Bridge-Tied Load) mode delivers high 150 mW + 150 mW driving power, while an exclusive ACG (Active Control Ground) mode developed by Onkyo delivers a stunning increase in dimensionality and soundstaging. 

Adjust Sound to Your Taste

You have freedom to tailor sound to suit your mood, music, and headphones. Three-stage gain, 10-band equalizer with seven presets and three user presets, selectable digital filters, jitter-reduction modes, and 192 kHz/32-bit upsampling ensure you get ultimate satisfaction from every album.

Massive Storage Capacity

Expanding 16 GB internal memory are two microSD Card slots to expand storage to a maximum 528 GB. Put your entire music library in your pocket and take it anywhere, with easy click-and-drag addition of albums to microSD Card when connected to a PC.  

Note: microSD cards not included.

Built-in 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi®

Wi-Fi connects you to streaming services and the Onkyo Music store for direct Hi-Res Audio album downloads  without need of a PC. Use your home network or smartphone as a hotspot for streaming on the go.

Deezer HiFi, TIDAL, and TuneIn Services

Stream 36 million CD-quality tracks from a 43-million-song library with your Deezer HiFi subscription. Listen to lossless albums on a TIDAL HiFi plan with access to 46 million curated tracks. TuneIn, meanwhile, collects internet radio stations, podcasts, audiobooks, news, and more via subscription.

Simple Touch Interface

Touch a tile on the customizable Home screen to explore your collection, select a streaming service, or access functions. Scroll bars and Index Display enable fast searching and easy navigation of huge volumes of music. You can pause,  skip, and scan without looking: use the buttons on the side  of the player.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Bluetooth technology connects compatible wireless headphones, car stereos, and audio components in moments. Enjoy quick and secure transmission with minimal loss in audio quality.

Smartphone Control with Onkyo DapController*

Control the PD-S10 from your smartphone. The free Onkyo DapController app tethers phone to player so you can control playback functions without reaching into your pocket or bag.

* Mobile devices require Low Energy (LE) support. Please check App Store or Google Play for device and OS requirements.

Free X-DAP Link Software

Download free software for PC, which provides a clean and simple interface for managing, updating, and transferring your music library to the PD-S10. Create playlists, drag-and-drop new albums, edit, and backup everything in moments.

Current Product: PD-S10

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